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The ministry of Environment & Water



GlobalTech has been appointed by the Ministry of Environment & Water as Green Building Consultants for their new Headquarters to be built at Muhaisnah, Dubai. The project aims to set a new standard for green building and environmental efficiency. The Ministry is pursuing LEED Gold Certification under the Green Building rating system for new construction set by the USGBC – the Unites States Green Building Council.

With a mission to conserve the environment and natural resources, thereby ensuring sustainable development, the four-storey building will be constructed by the Emirate Real Estate Corporation. Al Gurg Consultants have been assigned the role of Architectural and MEP consultants while QP International are management consultants for the project.

The Ministry’s new HQ building has been designed to integrate the outdoor micro environment with the air-conditioned indoor spaces.
The C-shaped building design allows sufficient daylight to penetrate the building interior – while features such as a roof garden, efficient building envelope and landscaping design using native & adaptive vegetation, are some of the sustainable features of the building.
Energy-efficiency is key to the project and is optimized by the building design and management system to improve air, thermal and acoustic environments – thus enhancing the health, safety and comfort of the building’s occupants.