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EZW features GlobalTech’s JAFZA Project
Jul 12 2011

In the latest “The Zone” publication of Economic Zones World (EZW)i.e. Issue 28: Vol 3-2011,  Jafza Gazeley / CEVA Logistics LLC’s new Warehouse & Office Facility at JAFZA South which is built on a 122,091 sq meter plot was showcased by EZW to highlight its commitment towards sustainable development. This coveted opportunity to deliver a “GreenBuilding” for JAFZA Gazeley was executed by GlobalTech throughout the design and construction phases of the project.
“Moez Nasser, Vice President, Procurement and Contracts Management, JAFZA, presented EZW’s deep commitment and showcased the benefits of sustainable development by highlighting the Green Building features that have been incorporated into one of the warehouse and office projects of Jafza, that was developed in collaboration with its sister company Gazeley.“

GlobalTech tasks included Green Building Consultancy and Commissioning  and the Project is targeted  to attain  “Silver Rating” from the United States Green Building Council under the LEED version 3 Rating System.